Saturday, October 27, 2018

Amost made into a audiobook with Olivia Baiden

Stay tune!!! Just a few week away to be release,a incredible tale of what went on in my head while transitioning from one country to a other through my vision of my younger self of 15 years back! I think i had a lot of hard time making friends for years and that did brought me to date abusers without knowing i was, i was lonely and deseperate for company, i was a social butterfly going everywhere trying to make friendship but barely made much connection, i taught it was me and nobody wanted to be around me, i had to settle for whatever i could get, to not spend my time alone, if i had knew that maybe it wasn't me and maybe it was just the city and state, i was in or the people and instead of heading toward numerable users and abusers i could have simply move to a other state but i was to optimistic to make it work and to ignorant to realize that my world was nothing like this new world and the people in it, didn't welcome you and make connection like i was use too, i stay in a discriminating place that hurt me over and over, i became a pray and a victim to this envious people of my courage, my natural strenghs, i suffered alone in silence or with the bottle, i watch others suffer and cry along with them, i screamed and yelled and become something i wasn't, i wasted my precious years in loss and agony, i appreciate this arts while leaving like a zombie, i had a child that gave me hope that things will turn around, i moved back to my country hoping to find the missing pieces, i find nothing but despair and desapointment, i lost dear friends and best friends along the way, i transform into a mute, a defect of humanity, a stranger to my own mind, a lost soul, my spirit occupy this ghost mind and try to function with image of my past, i try to speak my peace, but nothing came out, i choose to become a mute for a year and restrain from any sexual partners for 6 years, i leave like a quiet,scared virgin mary, trying to forget all the sexual abuse of the past, the sick image haunting me, i felt like noone wanted to hear my truth, so after so many years struggling, dreaming to the day i will finalely write my own book, i will tell it all, at least what i could remember and what will be appropriate in a book, i needed to do it, to heal and regain my sanity, my soul and my body and when i did!!! I find myself again, it was the best day of my life! today not many people have read this book but its ok, its out there and because i wrote this i felt free and liberated from evil taught and evil mind crushing my soul, i gain the confidence to write 9 more books and for the first time in my life i felt like i didn't have to run after anything anymore, i didnt need to find a new job, a new career, get a new certificate, prove myself to anyone, i could do and be what i always wanted to be: A writer!! but even a writer needs its own house, a place of his own, to write and create and inspire more, i need help, please gave me the gift by donating to the company or to me personally.

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