Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Description of the book: She drowned me in blurry liquids

Book Video Trailer for : Vanessa G Bush

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Vcreativeart16 inc seeking Volunteer to write grant proposal

Hi everyone!! I'm looking for volunteers interested in trying to participate in writing grant proposal along with me, if we succeed you will have a assigned duty and receive compensation for your time and will be invited to every event and conference project, I need someone with a brain, I also need help with trying to receive NASA educational grants in the future but also to assist me in giving free educational classes for k-5 th grade on the subject monthly at our local library. About us: we have been established in 2017 with Sunbiz FL, we are a nonprofit public charity ,501.3 exempt since August 2018, I need someone who can invest a few hours a months, work from home or in office. Send me a short resumer, why you are interested and what you can do. Thanks

Monday, September 10, 2018

Flash news!!!

First of all we have created a new flyer that resume what our mission is number 2: We are having a presentation that will explain in detail what service we provide for our local communities at this Selby Library located in this downtown of Sarasota FL on 09/11 at 11.30 am in this conference room We will offer other service and more meet-up. while bringing awareness to our non profit to the public,at the same location monthly. . I will use the same day and time so everyone can attend. Next meeting i will offer a 30 minute meditation, stretch class with a 30 minute lecture and acting improvisation for adult and children. We hope to receive more funds to allow our company to buy more material, pay for a part-time acting coach, administrative cost, fundraiser rental units, provide creative writing supplies and rental office cost. We appreciate any help, we can receive paypal: kellybush@live.com or by mail. phone,email all major credit cards, money order and checks.

Review: She fell in love in this Amazon Forrest while on a mission: This Amazon Forrest mission

She fell in love in this Amazon Forrest while on a mission: This Amazon Forrest mission by Vanessa Bush My rating: 5 o...