Sunday, August 12, 2018

Enjoying my 38 th birthday πŸŽ‚ today!

Today I'm turning 38!!! Yes I said it 38!!! It's funny how fast years goes buy, one day we are 25" and the next we are near 40! When I was younger a lot of people never taught I would have made it so far I was very naive and wild until I reach 24 I started to slow down but unfortunately when I decided to settle down and try to follow the routine life of safety and security i find myself leaving thru someone else pathway, I didn't know how to function in a boring life I silent seat still and watch my life pass me by i needed to take action i needed to keep moving faster to make sure I would reach all my goals and dreams but while I was busy building a future for myself I didn't see predators, scammers, abuser approaching slowly, I spend a lot of time helping others and end up caring for them more than my own life and it lead me to lose myself in the process, trying to please others require a lots of gaving, compassion and patience but some people see your help has a entitlement they owed and once they feed themselves with your strengths run you over and that is what happens to me, I was always here at the wrong time in the wrong place!!! Don't gave me wrong I have meet incredible people, unbelievable families, heard amazing stories, assist great generosity and laughed very hard!!! Perhaps I laugh too much, perhaps I bring the light on me and it annoys others, perhaps I was too kind, too nice too normal and not vicious enought, not twisted enough, no cruel enough to survive this weird new world I don't know!!!! All I know is that I learn a lot from my experience, I appreciate my true friends and caring supporters and leaving a shallow life is for looser. I will not spend one more second or one more breath on undeserving looser and help and influence deserving people in need. I will love and have back, I will be evolved and choose to fight for true justice, I will not be bothered by soulless individuals and stop trying to change people but instead deal with the fact that you cannot help someone who won't make a effort to get better, be better and make a difference in the world.

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