Friday, July 6, 2018

5 th Audible out!!!

Yes we are striving at #vcreativeart16 not only we have 5 audible out this year but 3 more on the way and wonderful hard worker narrator's who truly need this appreciation they deserve while they do most of the work on this audio book creation @Vcreativeart16 make sure we establish the best audible management team that decide on how the story and character described will tell their story. Everyone who has k own @vcreativeart16 since its birth knows that we create diversity to embrace unification to the world being empowering for artist beginners and a helping hand for new Author and writers but our mission is to help people create their dream for a lifetime achievement we want to bring children and their parents, family members, community together ❤ so by buying our audible or my books you are helping this nonprofit organization corporation to grow and develop faster. I Thank You for your support:-)

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