Monday, June 25, 2018

Google my business today:::: Vcreativeart16inc

First I want to thank all the visitors of Vcreativeart16 inc and anyone reading my post second I want to let you all know that we are doing our best to get a donated building for this nonprofit corporation in our district 5 region of Bradenton,FL but willing to relocate in Sarasota, and Palmetto, Lakeland if needed, .but being financially short it might take some time. Any ressource, sponsors, donors, financial institution willing to help you can email: or donate directly to PayPal We have sold a few books, donated 50 paintings to the community, offer free painting session to autistic and disable children and create multiple free event and rewards since December 2017 but not having a based rooted location restrict our abilities to serve them. We invested in multiple media outreach and website and we still need to buy our WIX website for seo search, APP and more appealing content to attract families and Entertainment lovers, artist, bloggers, writers, other author to join this venture.. To share visit or comment visit

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