Thursday, June 28, 2018

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fiction/Adventure novel finished!!!

Yes that's right!! After 3 long months working on this I finally only have a quick revision to conduct and I will start to publish and chose a cover, I know how important cover books are and I did my best creating them for free but I know I would have reach more people if I had invest. But I can't get stock in every single detail that obstruct my way, one day I'll have all the finance to have it all and produce great cover books, Apps and distribution services throughout my publishing company but today I'm a writer / audible publisher managing all the design, editing and Marketing every single day and I love it. This book would be in paperback via Createspace and ebook on Amazon books.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Google my business today:::: Vcreativeart16inc

First I want to thank all the visitors of Vcreativeart16 inc and anyone reading my post second I want to let you all know that we are doing our best to get a donated building for this nonprofit corporation in our district 5 region of Bradenton,FL but willing to relocate in Sarasota, and Palmetto, Lakeland if needed, .but being financially short it might take some time. Any ressource, sponsors, donors, financial institution willing to help you can email: or donate directly to PayPal We have sold a few books, donated 50 paintings to the community, offer free painting session to autistic and disable children and create multiple free event and rewards since December 2017 but not having a based rooted location restrict our abilities to serve them. We invested in multiple media outreach and website and we still need to buy our WIX website for seo search, APP and more appealing content to attract families and Entertainment lovers, artist, bloggers, writers, other author to join this venture.. To share visit or comment visit

Saturday, June 23, 2018

This untold truth about CBD

So exited to have deliver such informative content, people need to know about this untold truth of CBD such has i did back then when it first started to get legalized in my state in FL, seeing people who have leaved in distress their all lives and now finding relieve with this product is incredible but real!!! WE have seen to many false cure and poor side effect and your family members are suffering and maybe you just unaware of this real benefit! so i try to put the most relevant information in the shortest way possible and easy to read definition for you! I figure that if i made it clear and cheap for everyone it will stand a chance in some counters. I love to help people healing with hypnosis and meditation and writing is for me a need for survival so in this guide i simply didnt add any personal touch because it is just pure and simple information. I hope you will Pre-Order it or send it to a love one in need and see if they will gave in!!! Review, comment, say HI!!! No problem!!! I love CBD!!! Here is the link to buy We are working on the making of this Audio version with ( Jack Nolan ) Credit: GUILD MEMBERSHIP: SAG-AFTRA since '94 AUDIOBOOKS: Homer's Iliad, a new translation by F.L. Light King Solomon's Mines, by H. Rider Haggard At the Earth's Core, by Edgar Rice Burroughs The Trachinian Tragedy - Women of Trachis, Sophocles, as translated by F. L. Light Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus, as translated by F.L. Light Disparities are Just Deserts:Couplets in 1817 Contentions, by F.L. Light Easing into the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, by Kimberly Beyer At Matthew's Knee: A Poetic Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, by Kimberly Beyer Yeshua's Yoga: The Teachings of the Gospel of Thomas, by Kimberly Beyer This Nurturing Awe: Poems Inspired by the 99 Beautiful Names of God, by Kimberly Beyer The Vikings, Charles River Editors The Maya, Charles River Editors The Phoenicians, Charles River Editors The Agnostic Lawyer: Clarence Darrow Explains his Disbelief, edited by David C. Lane How to Write Almost Anything Better and Faster, by Arthur Herzog III Deadly Apparition by G. Ernest Smith Underwood, Scotch, and Wry, by Brian Meeks A New Beginning, by Craig D. Brummer The 8th Q-Strand, by Lee Lyte Life with Boris Karloff, by Rob Sheppard The Flats, by JT Kalnay The Wrath of God -- Lope de Aguirre, by Evan L. Balkan The Benefits of Line Dancing, by Edward Shull Electric Spook, by Ron W Koppelberger Jr. The Shade, by Tara Wood Learn A Foreign Language Fast, by T J O'Flaherty Creating Hate: How It Is Done, How To Destroy It, by Nancy Omeara The Cult Around the Corner, by Nancy Omeara and Stan Koehler The Earth Interregnum, by Josh Hilden The Money Code, by Raimon Samso Firewall: The Propagandist's Guide to Self-Defense, as narrated by the author ...and more. INTERNET NEW MEDIA: Sunny Side Up -- Roger Fredericks (Lead) -- Poker Night -- Jack of All Trades FILM: Christmas in Hollywood -- Cop Rock and Roll, the Movie -- Bartender Armageddon -- Utility Stand-in (Spacesuit) For Love of the Game -- Featured background Flight Plan -- “The German” Kicking and Screaming -- Parent The Wilderness Family -- The “Too-Perfect Husband” TELEVISION: 2009 Espy Awards -- ESPN Sports News Announcer Commander and Chief -- White House Guard Criminal Minds: "Reckoner" -- Ben Vanderwaal NYPD Blue -- SWAT Leader Galaxy Quest: “20th Anniversary Special” -- “Questarian” CSI: Miami -- Photo-double, David Caruso The X-Files -- Featured background Star Trek: Voyager -- Photo-double, Robert McNeil Star Trek: Enterprise -- “Space Marine” INDUSTRIAL: VirTra Police Training Simulator -- “The Bad Guy” THEATER: The Good Doctor -- “Anton Chekhov” Westlake Players My Fair Lady -- “Alfred P. Doolittle” Trinity Theater Henry V -- The Chorus, Trinity Theater LANGUAGES: Fluent English/Spanish (con acento Anglo-Sajon, como no.) TRAINING: Delores Diehl – Voiceover, Animation Voiceover

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Picture of the day

@vcreativeart16 never stop learning, here is this picture of the day inspired by Pakistan woman's clothing line

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Buy through" Lulu's press theses selection and help our Non-Profit grow

Vanessa's Published book How To Lose 70lb in 3 months More Detail How To Lose 70lb in 3 months By Vanessa Bush Paperback: $4.99 Prints in 3-5 business days Weight Loss Despite lots of arguments about the details, most experts agree that weight loss is a matter of energy balance—consistently burn more calories than you take in, and you’ll... More > More Detail Quizz Memes Book By Vanessa Bush Paperback: List Price: $6.68 $5.34 | You Save: 20% Prints in 3-5 business days (1 Ratings) Quizzes and funny images to make your day a fun one! Very Simple quizzes to read and to do! Make your friends and family member laugh! Add to Cart My Photo Book More Detail My Photo Book By Vanessa Bush Paperback: $12.99 Prints in 3-5 business days (1 Ratings) Vcreativeart 16 INC not for profit Art workshop gallery portfolio sample book Add to Cart My Paperback Book More Detail My Paperback Book By Vanessa Bush Paperback: List Price: $12.99 $5.20 | You Save: 60% Prints in 3-5 business days (1 Ratings) This Book is a guide for an artist who wants to become better artists in their own ways by following their passions and dreams in life. This Book is a narrative of my journey to become an Art... More > Add to Cart About Vanessa Bush Author Image Hi and Thank you for visiting my Spotlight I am a proud author of 12 books and wrote other books on Amazonbooks you can find using my first and last name on Amazon author central I hope you enjoy your reading! I am working on making a second series of this Edition entitled: Roller Coaster" and selling on creative space, writing a movie script.

Learn French for children

Title: LEARN FRENCH FOR CHILDREN'S ID: 21996080 Category: Education & Language Explicit Content: Description: You would like your children to speak French one day? Why not start when they are toddlers? As a parent to a French English bilingual child, here are my tips to help your kid learn French efficiently. Keep it fun! Although many parents’ first reaction is to hire the help of a tutor, I believe a one hour weekly exposure to a tutor is not going to do much for a toddler or a young kid. Kids learn by repetition — constant repetition — and learning a language is not different. The best solution would be to hire a French nanny to speak with them all day, or move to France — but this is not an option for most of us!! And what about the ever so sought after French playgroup? I never found one myself, so good luck with that… So, in the end, the best tutor for your kid will have to be you and this book to help you with the basic of speaking and writing French! Publisher: Vanessa G Bush Copyright Year: © 2017 Language: English Country: United States Keywords: French. Kids learning, Kids learning french, Toddler, French lessons, Learn, Speak french, Paris, France, Canada, French grammar, French verbs, French words License: Standard Copyright License Help Author(s): Vanessa Bush ISBN: 978-1-387-39399-2

"How to lose 70 lb in 3 months"

How To Lose 70lb in 3 months By Vanessa Bush View this Author's Spotlight Paperback, 46 Pages How To Lose 70lb in 3 months Price: $4.99 Prints in 3-5 business days Weight Loss Despite lots of arguments about the details, most experts agree that weight loss is a matter of energy balance—consistently burn more calories than you take in, and you’ll lose weight. (And, unfortunately, vice versa for gaining weight.) Because it allows you to burn a good amount of calories in a relatively short time, running can be a key component of an effective weight-loss program. If you have weight to lose, you didn’t gain it overnight. Instead, it was probably a gradual accumulation that at some point became significant. That’s worth keeping in mind when coming up with a weight-loss program—research shows that your best bet for long-term success is combining exercise with reasonable calorie restriction, and focusing on the long view. Crash diets, in contrast, can result in more dramatic short-term weight loss, but generally aren’t sustainable for long, and can place your health at risk. Add to Cart Product Details Lulu Sales Rank: 291826 Product Details ISBN 9781976728273 Copyright Vanessa G Bush (Standard Copyright License) Published January 1, 2018 LanguageEnglishPages46BindingPerfect-bound PaperbackInterior InkBlack & whiteWeight 0.26 lbs. Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall Product ID23472445

Stop settling start leaving ( Sold paperback on Creatspace)

Stop settling Start leaving Authored by Vanessa Bush List Price: $9.00 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Black & White on White paper 58 pages ISBN-13: 978-1717012432 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1717012434 BISAC: Juvenile Nonfiction / Body, Mind & Spirit This Book is written in Japanese: English Description Learn to self-empower yourself the best ways possible, in this book you will find the best encouraging stories to guide you thru a life a beautiful success

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Keep the love coming!

, We are donating 50 artworks affairs to any foundation, A token of our intervention involvement toward needies to provide adequate protection against violence against women and to help families in crisis to regain independence and control again. Money raised will be sent to individual families (4) in Bradenton, Palmetto and Sarasota that receive food stamps. A eagle will disburse all contributions toward their new home. If any Sponsors or foundation are interested we will work a deal. Goal reach :$5000

New book is out: This untold truth about CBD

Check out my new CBD guide on Kindle books only available in Paperback

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Review: She fell in love in this Amazon Forrest while on a mission: This Amazon Forrest mission

She fell in love in this Amazon Forrest while on a mission: This Amazon Forrest mission by Vanessa Bush My rating: 5 o...