Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Hi Everyone and thank-you for passing by it means a lot to me, I love this site it really regroup everything in one big page and make it easy to find the resources easily in a simple glance. What I am into theses days? I am signing a contract with Robert@Taylor publisher to install my online shop with them, i also have access to retail price books witch will be in my advantage has I continue to grow in this venture and might turn into a Book Agent who knows!! I love being a newer indie author of this generation it is so exiting!!! Every single day, i am discovering something new i haven't venture into and that could advance my career, i don't get overwhelmed and i meet wonderful people along the way. I am also going to open a online shop with" Fnac.com Catalogue within a month or two, i wouldn't mention it if i wouldn't commit, this is one thing you will find out about me,I will always keep you up to date and let my audience know of my progress and allow all of my followers to be part of this with me and to interact in any way they want. I assist in various areas in publishing,editing,translation,I even prepare other taxes sometime....I paused doing Amazon marketing for a few days so i could concentrate in getting new small press and publishing company to work with, I started with Lulu then Createspace then Kindle books,Self-E library, Barnes and noble, Books a million and move up to private and small press sector: www.smashword.com www.moboreader.net Kobo.com Baker@Taylor publishing to have a better view of my book check my pinterest pins

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