Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Find all my links and company links in my Author Blog

I am now a Publisher Affiliate with (CJ Publisher Affiliate) now! and that will allow us to cross promote with other """Great company""", I also want to make your research easy so simply click this link: and this one for my Facebook Website: who will direct you to my Author Blog (1st one I started a month ago) and I adress my readers and follower directly,it is; A more private,friendly,joyful atmosphere,I don't overwhelm people with hundreds and hundreds of paragraph on my skills and my desire but rather spend a few minute making your reading experience and creative memory a peaceful and enjoyable one. I want to narrate while working toward new story exploration and pushing myself to improve and progress along the way, I am dedicated to explore different area of this unknown and challenge my endeavours to take flights on their own,I lately started to idealize of making a fantasy, fantastic, Sci-fi 200 page paperback, after I translate my first Chinese E-book first,I will get to design and produce a entirely a new perspective on my past work and go from there....

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