Wednesday, April 4, 2018

ACX (Audible books) 4 books in Production

I am sure everyone is familiar with Audible on Amazonkindle, I am a in production right now for: _(How to lose 70lb in 3 months=Very funny weight loss guide,Simple and practical)Produced by Holly Holt _(Stop settling, Start leaving= A self-empowerment guide with hypnosis, quotes and stories on how to become extraordinary and leave free of fear but with the most joy in our lives)BY Michael Rippetoe _(How to understand people and me=A Funny and prolific description of people in general, relationships and self analysis,Hypnosis guidance, self-help book.Narrated by: Michael Rippetoe -(Kidastronaut=A Nasa story about a young boy going to space and a few practical exercises, research, imagery reference textbook) Who is being narrated by:Falon Kartz (aka Falon Echo) Each of theses book will be completed by May 30th

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