Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Amazonkindle Books

Hi stranger, followers, readers, bloggers, writers I am so excited to tell you about all the wonderful progress I have made in this new year 2018!!! So much to talk about, so much to do and to try in the marketing book world, video, webinars, stories, seminars to attends, lesson to create, DVD to get started, advertising tips and tricks to put into works. My new Author Website is now: along with my local site .allignable. com/bradenton-fl/vcreative-inc and my remaining Facebook page #vcreativeart16 , to purchase any of my published book go to Amazon kindle books and simply enter my name: Vanessa Bush it will show a list you can scroll  ( I will link all links on here soon) but if you are a Bn, book a millions buyer I m there too, lulu press, create space has well. This is just a start for me into self publishing,
my Vcreativeart16 inc organization will take off shortly and a documentary, mini DVD on  and course to instruct on entitled: self publish your own book for free )then will come Apps, more ACX audio version of my books, I'm accepting audition on find me under ' Vcreativeart16' I'm buying marketing lists and investing in campaign. I have 90 days has a Amazon affiliate program to make 3good sale if I want to keep my affiliation😳😳 I m forgetting a bunch, oh yeah I submitted into FL self e library, received a library of Congress author control number, made  sells... Not rich yet!!! Got a radio 102.5FM yesterday... Now I need to submit to smashword, blogs and finish my kid book( kidastronaut) follow me on my group : A new day a new story on FB😘😘 

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