Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A small chat with my readers

Being literate takes much too concentration on my hyper activities cerebral functions, my focus allows me to get great extraordinary clarity but also to accumulate too much information at once witch causes delay in my advancement and progress at times! On top of it I have a form of dyslexia, you would ask yourself? why would i share this with you? Because you can't be a good writer without sharing your true taught, since in modern days honesty is sometime perceive in stupidity or ignorance, retardation, or naivety, I can share my thinking process with all of you readers, mind thinkers....
So I m writing this post to announce that my Blogger account is associate with my Google+ account under " Vcreativeart16" But this: still remain my main source of blogging,
or writer group: A new day a new story on FB
and if you need to know more you can simply check my facebook profile it has all my social media account.
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