Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A small chat with my readers

Being literate takes much too concentration on my hyper activities cerebral functions, my focus allows me to get great extraordinary clarity but also to accumulate too much information at once witch causes delay in my advancement and progress at times! On top of it I have a form of dyslexia, you would ask yourself? why would i share this with you? Because you can't be a good writer without sharing your true taught, since in modern days honesty is sometime perceive in stupidity or ignorance, retardation, or naivety, I can share my thinking process with all of you readers, mind thinkers....
So I m writing this post to announce that my Blogger account is associate with my Google+ account under " Vcreativeart16" But this: www.facebookcomvcreativeart16.worpress.com still remain my main source of blogging,
or writer group: A new day a new story on FB

and if you need to know more you can simply check my facebook profile it has all my social media account.
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A Kidastronaut ( New Book) Children Textbook

A short focus hypnosis video I made

Sunday, March 18, 2018

WordPress (My Author Blog)

I know I know I'm a little behind high brained authors, I should have started a blog /website immediately but I was too focus on learning marketing techniques through self publishing company and producing my books, I didn't realizes how critical it is to have a  writer blog I figure having a Facebo<!-- Amazon Publisher Studio -->
<script> var amzn_ps_tracking_id = "123456789103-20"; </script>
<script async="true" type="text/javascript" src="//ps-us.amazon-adsystem.com/scripts/US/studio.js"></script>ok page and group along with social media was enough. I m learning!!! (www.facebookcomvcreativeart16.wordpress)

New Audition, Audible coming up on my ACX Author account

Hi Everyone, I havec recrut 2 producers on ACX to produce my Audible version of ( How to lose 70 lb in 3 months) will be voiced by 'Holly' and ( Help me to understand people and me ) by Michael' both have created audible books on Amazon for a few years and they have gorgeous voices I m very happy to work with theses talented individual. I thing they will be a success. I can't wait for this audible to be completed it is scheduled to be completed by April 30th. 📖📖📣📣📢📢

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Amazonkindle Books

Hi stranger, followers, readers, bloggers, writers I am so excited to tell you about all the wonderful progress I have made in this new year 2018!!! So much to talk about, so much to do and to try in the marketing book world, video, webinars, stories, seminars to attends, lesson to create, DVD to get started, advertising tips and tricks to put into works. My new Author Website is now: www.facebookcomvcreativeart16.WordPress.com along with my local site .allignable. com/bradenton-fl/vcreative-inc and my remaining Facebook page #vcreativeart16 , to purchase any of my published book go to Amazon kindle books and simply enter my name: Vanessa Bush it will show a list you can scroll  ( I will link all links on here soon) but if you are a Bn, book a millions buyer I m there too, lulu press, create space has well. This is just a start for me into self publishing,
my Vcreativeart16 inc organization will take off shortly and a documentary, mini DVD on  and course to instruct on udemy.com entitled: self publish your own book for free )then will come Apps, more ACX audio version of my books, I'm accepting audition on ACX.com find me under ' Vcreativeart16' I'm buying marketing lists and investing in campaign. I have 90 days has a Amazon affiliate program to make 3good sale if I want to keep my affiliation😳😳 I m forgetting a bunch, oh yeah I submitted into FL self e library, received a library of Congress author control number, made  sells... Not rich yet!!! Got a radio 102.5FM yesterday... Now I need to submit to smashword, blogs and finish my kid book( kidastronaut) follow me on my group : A new day a new story on FB😘😘 

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